YouTube expands Prepublication Verification tool to mobile app

After the first launch on the desktop last MarchYouTube now Bring a pre-release scan tool to the mobile app tooThis will allow those who upload their content on the go to ensure that it is fully eligible for monetization before publishing it.

As you can see in this example (on the desktop), YouTube’s beta checker checks your upload content for a range of potential violations, including copyright and ad relevance issues, before you post your clip.

This helps creators avoid disappointment after the event, and can be useful for staying aware of potential attacks and related issues, which can not only reduce your ability to earn money but can also watch your channel get penalized.

Although there are some differences in the mobile version of the process.

as explained Youtube:

“Copyright claims will only run after the video has been uploaded and processed on the main YouTube app, and monetization checks will only run after the video is activated for viewing. Monetization on the Studio mobile app.”

So basically checks can take a little longer via mobile – although YouTube has also added a new notification process to help.

If a creator uploads a video and sets it to ‘public’, they’ll get a notification to consider waiting for reviews to complete. Creators will also be able to turn on notifications to let them know when reviews are complete, so they can then make the clip.

There are no pre-release screenings for short films (they are too short) and will only be available to those participating in the YouTube Partner Program.

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It’s an easy-to-use tool, and content creators have found tremendous value in the desktop app’s alerts. And now they will be able to get the same information via mobile, which will help simplify the process of creating and downloading.

YouTube says pre-release checks will be rolled out to mobile users “within the next two weeks”.

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